Lincoln Laser Tag's Prices are Based On How Long You Want To Play:

Walk In Players
20 minute Regular session-----$8.00 per person + tax
2 - 20 minute Regular sessions-----$15.00 per person + tax
3 - 20 minute regular sessions-----$21.00 per person + tax

Day Pass-----$25.00 per person + tax
Tuesday-Thursday 6pm-10pm
Friday-Saturday 6pm-10pm
Sunday 2pm-7pm

Youth Groups
Requires 10 or more players
2 - 20 minute regular sessions-----$13.00 per person + tax
3 - 20 minute regular sessions-----$19.00 per person + tax

Day Camps
2 - 20 minute regular sessions-----$10.00 per person + tax
3 - 20 minute regular sessions-----$15.00 per person + tax

Corporate and Private Events
20 minute private regular session-----$190.00 + tax for up to 30 players
2 - 20 minute private regular sessions-----$375.00 + tax for up to 30 players
3 - 20 minute private regular sessions-----$520.00 + tax for up to 30 players

Entire Facility Rental
Call 402-476-4824 for details and prices

A regular session of Laser Tag takes about 20 minutes in total. During this time the players are doing an assortment of things to prepare for their mission. First, players enter the briefing room where they learn important rules and strategies for the game. Then, players enter the vesting room to get suited in one of our 30 packs. Finally, after all the players are ready to go, they enter into the multilevel, fog filled arena and begin their 15 minute long, intense, action-packed game of Laser Tag!